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About Us

About Us

MJ VENTURES is a main overall supplier of Industrial Pumps, Valves, Data Acquisition, Electronic Temperature controllers, Fan Coil Unit Controls, Humidistat, HVAC Instruments & Data acquisition, Industrial Split body butterfly valves, Level Transmitters, Level switches and Indicators, Pressure Gauges, Temperature controllers, Valve Actuators, Water flow switch / meters, Boiler mountings and Allied items and delivery through more innovative manner and the execution pioneer in modern preparing.

Our point: amplified profitability and aggressiveness for our clients.


Our vision is to be earth's most client driven organization; To be the organization that best comprehends and fulfills the supply of Product and serve at customer doorstep within the specified duration.

Global venture to improve individuals and organizations can come to discover and find anything they should need to purchase on the web.


Builds value for the customer through employees by making an environment of positive thinking, collaboration, innovativeness, cleverness and by managing everybody in an open and moral way.

Utilize business to inspire and implement best service provider methodologies for the customers.