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SAFE Combi-C / REYCO™ Combi-C / SAFE Combi-R

SAFE Combi-C / REYCO™ Combi-C / SAFE Combi-R

Changeover valves and rupture discs: 100 % stand-by security – even for critical media!

Advantages of a combination safety valve with a changeover valve:

• cost saving due to service without plant downtime

• no loss of medium due to exchange of safety valve

• minimization of risks of hazardous media

• in service case: only lowest disposal costs for critical media

• combination of inlet and outlet with a change over valve minimizes a risk caused by hazardous media

• cost saving due to an additional change over valve in the outlet so that only one outlet pipe is necessary

Advantages of a rupture disc:

• Cost saving due to absolute tightness (no loss of medium)

• Due to zero leakage it is possible to use extremely toxic or flammable media

• Use of media that become solid with contact to the atmosphere, stick together seat / disc or react chemically

• Cost saving because the production progress can be continued

• only small loss of medium.

• Saving of disposal costs in the blow down system

• Saving of material costs when aggressive media do not allow the use of the standard materials