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Technical Products & Solutions

Technical Products & Solutions

MJ Ventures was established mainly to give more innovative and technical solutions and products like Workstations, Laptops, Servers, software licenses, Cloud computing related equipments/space setup and PCB prototyping machines of different OEM brands to our customers. We manage a wide range of branded equipments and bolster our clients with our solid group of trained and skilled professionals.

We offer our best and most recent modern computer products with different brands and along with the services. Today we are one of the main vendors in delivering the best and ideal products to our clients.

Our service wing satisfies various types of businesses, small, medium and corporate organizations.

1. Desktops

We supply all OEM Workstations/PCs, provide installation and support.

2. Laptops

We supply all OEM Laptops, provide installation and support.

3. Networking & Server Installations

We supply all OEM networking, Server products, provide installation and support.

4. Software OEM License & Renewal

We supply and support for all OEM license and renewal.

5. All types of Research oriented and PCB Prototype machines

We supply and support for all Computer research oriented equipments and accessories.

6. Cloud Service provider

We supply and support for all cloud computing related equipments and provide Cloud space setup.