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The medium pressure range stop valve STOBU

The medium pressure range stop valve STOBU

For robust isolation in industry, chemicals and shipbuilding

• Two-fold safety due to double sealing mechanism

• Certified safety due to spring loaded stop valve with gland seal acc. to EN ISO 15848-1 / TA-Luft

• Enormous product diversity provides flexibility in use

Plug designs:

throttling plug, screw-down non-return plug with resetting spring, balancing plug, soft sealing plug

Special design:

e.g. limit switch (mechanical or inductive), chain wheel

Versatile applications:

e.g. seawater version acc. to DIN 86251 (seat ring and plug e.g. in CUSN10-CU / stem e.g. in CUSN8)

Nominal diameter:

DN 10-100 (new: DN 65-100)


Cast steel, forged steel, heat resistant steels


-10°C up to +550°C